Communicator through photography and words


Who is this Guy?


As a multimedia journalist working with words, photography and video, I create stories that speak. My connection to people and place is at the heart of these stories produced for both the editorial and commercial clients. I also bring to life projects such as The Space Between Words as Fellow of the NZ Mental Health Media Grant in 2012, which was awarded an Australasian Mental Health Service Award. And last year I counted myself extremely fortunate ('lucky' is another term I could have used, but that's one of the words in the English language that has never sat well with me) to visit Antarctica to explore the intricate relationship between people and place on the white continent. The material from that trip featured in North&South Magazine, two art exhibitions, and in a three month display Postcards to Antarctica at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch. 

I live in the kereru laden city of Dunedin, where I have recently completed a Masters of Science Communication as a complement to 15 years of professional freelance experience. Stories do not like to be constrained by the artificial borders of geography however, so please be in touch if I can help with yours.




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